Cryptò.com NFT | The Most Trusted Crypto Wallet & Exchange


    Čryptò.com NFT | The Most Trusted Crypto Wallet & Exchange

    Čryptò.com NFT is a digital wallet that allows users to manage their bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. It has a great ability to convert crypto into local currency. Users can buy, sell, store, deposit, and withdraw crypto in just a few minutes, and they can also manage their balances of all the supported cryptocurrencies. The fee of this wallet is based on the size of your transaction. To start trading on a Čryptò wallet, you just need to log in to your account, but if you are a completely new user, you have to set up your wallet on Čryptò.com NFT.

    How to Create an Account on Čryptò.com NFT

    ● Go to the official site of Čryptò.com NFT on your computer or smartphone.

    ● Click the "Get Started" or "Sign-Up" button to start the procedure.

    ● You can click the "Login" button and click on the "Sign Up Now" button.

    ● Find and click the "Create Wallet" option.

    ● Enter the email address that you use daily.

    ● After this, create a unique and strong password and enter it again for confirmation.

    ● Select your "Country Of Residence" and review all the information.

    ● Read and check the "Terms Of Services & Privacy Policy" box.

    ● On the bottom side, Tap the "Create Wallet" button.

    ● On the next screen, you will receive a success message.

    ● After this, you need to verify your open email address.

    ● Check your inbox and click on the "Yes, I Confirm This Is My Email Address" button for email verification.

    ● Once you complete the email verification process, you will receive a success message again on a new window.

    Simple Ways to Secure your Čryptò.com NFT Account:

    After completing the registration process by filling out the sign-up form, you will need to follow some steps to prevent a hack or theft.

    ● Open the Čryptò wallet and tap the "Security Center" tab on the left-hand-side panel.

    ● Tap the "Backup Phrase" button.

    ● Create a strong password that contains one uppercase, one lowercase, numbers, and special characters, and it should have at least eight characters.

    ● After entering the password of the Čryptò.com NFT, hit the "Submit" button.

    ● Now, click the "Next" button to see the four words of the backup phrase.

    ● Note down these words on paper and store them in a secure place.

    ● After this, click the "next four words" to see another word of your backup phrase.

    ● After noting all the 12 words, tap the "Final Step" button.

    ● Now, type all the 12 backup phrase words in the blank fields.

    ● Tap the "Finish" button.

    ● Add your "Phone Number" to enable the "2-Step Authentication Factor".

    ● Lastly, tap the "Block" button to enable "Blocking Bad IPs."

    How to Login to Čryptò?

    ● Open the website of Čryptò on your computer.

    ● Or open the mobile wallet if you install it on your Android or iOS device.

    ● Tap the "Wallet" button and choose the "Login" option on the upper side.

    ● Enter your email addresses and password that you entered in the sign-up form.

    ● Lastly, tap the "Sign-In" button to complete the process.

    How to Deposit USD via Wire Transfer on Čryptò.com NFT?

    ● To deposit USD into your Čryptò.com NFT account, you have to navigate your "Total Account Value."

    ● Click the "Deposit" button, then select the "USD" option.

    ● Go to the "Portfolio" section if you are using your mobile. Tap "Deposit" and select the "US Dollar" option.

    ● After this, click "Select A Deposit Method" and choose the "Wire Transfer" option.

    ● If on mobile, tap "Add A Bank Account" and select the "Wire Transfer" option.

    ● Now you will see the wiring instructions, your Čryptò.com NFT account reference number, account number, and routing number details on the deposit screen.

    ● After this, you have to Use all the details (shown on the deposit screen) from your Čryptò exchange account to deposit from the USD mobile banking app.

    ● The process will take 2-3 business days to finish.

    How to Withdraw USD via Wire Transfer on Čryptò.com NFT?

    ● Open your Čryptò wallet on your computer or mobile and login into your account.

    ● Now, open the "Total Account Value" window and select the "Withdraw" option.

    ● If you are using mobile, tap the "Portfolio" button and select "Withdraw."

    ● In the drop-down menu, click the "USD" tab.

    ● Pick the "Linked Bank Account" you need to withdraw to in the "Destination EUR Address."

    ● On mobile, click the "US Dollar" option and select your desired bank account. And if you don't have a linked bank account, you will need to make a small deposit from the bank.

    ● Now, submit the "Amount" that you require to withdraw and the "2FA Code" from your google authenticator app.

    ● Lastly, click the "Withdraw" button to complete the process.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How can a new user buy crypto via bank transfer?

    ● Firstly open your Čryptò wallet and log in to your account.

    ● On the upper side, select the "Buy/Sell Crypto" tab.

    ● Next, choose the "currency" that you want to purchase.

    ● Tap the "Select Cash Or Card" button and select the "Deposit" option.

    ● Now, you will need to verify your identity on Čryptò.com NFT by providing some legal documents and information about yourself.

    ● After the verification process, you can proceed to deposit cash and also use it to buy any supported cryptocurrency.

    How can I secure my Čryptò.com NFT account?

  • Čryptò.com NFT offers three security key features that protect user accounts from hackers.

  • ● Email verification: After entering your email address and other details on the registration form, you will receive a verification link on your email address. The verifying process allows users to send login codes when any suspicious activity is identified.

    ● Set Up Two-Factor Authentication: To keep your wallet safe from unauthorized access, you have to enable two-factor authentication via SMS Code, Yubikey, or google authenticator.

    ● Note Down The Backup Phrase: The backup phrase is the most important security measure. It helps customers to sign in to their account if they ever forget their password.


    How to find backup phrase words on Čryptò.com NFT?

    ● Open your Čryptò.com NFTwallet and click the "Security Center" button on the left side.

    ● Click the "Backup Phrase" button.

    ● You will see four words on your screen. If you see another word, tap the "Next 4 Words" button and note it down on the paper.